Sunday, 11 December, 2011 - 12:25 to 17:15

B.Ed Externalface to face sessions 5th - 11th December

Venue: Makerere College School

Exams: 13th December

 Our students of Education External reports on 5th Dec 2011 and have a face to face going on (5th - 11th Dec 2011), the examinations are starting on 13th Dec 2011, tests are expected to be given throughout the week and all these activities are at Makerere College School.



Academic Staff  

The Department of Adult and Community Studies has both full-time and part-time academic staff with expertise in;


Prostpective students

New Students

Current Students


Study Programmes


The department offers two programmes in the field of Adult and Community Education that is, BACE (Bachelor of Adult and Community Education) and MACE (Masters in Adult and Community Education).