Requirements for Registration


For registration purposes, the originals of the following must be produced.

  • Admission Letter
  • O’Level Certificate
  • A’Level Certifcate/Pass Slip
  • Certificates/Transcripts of Degree/Diploma/Mature Age
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • An identity card from the previous "A" Level School. The diploma holders must produce Identity Cards from their previous colleges. For the Mature Age candidates, an identity card, and a letter, bearing the photograph and stamp, which invited the candidate to sit the Mature Age Examinations will be required.
  • Three photocopies of each of the "O" and "A" Level Results Slips/Certificates, and Transcripts/Certificates from the awarding institutions in case of diploma holders.
  • Seven passport-sized photographs (black and white). 
  • 3 copies of the Pay-in/Deposit Slip acknowledging payment of the Registration fees, examination fees, Library fees and Tuition fees