Commonwealth Diploma in Youth in Development Work (CYP).

2 years

Commonwealth Diploma in Youth in Development Work (CYP) Course aims at developing the full productive potential of youth, through equipping youth in development work to be thoroughly grounded in both theory and practice of their profession.

Specifically, the course aims at enabling the youth workers to:
a) Develop into persons that can develop skills of leadership among the youth, skills of mobilizing, and skills of planning and evaluation of projects, among the Youth.
b) Acquire professional and ethical values that create responsible citizenry among the youth
c) work effectively with youth drop-outs from schools and turn them into self employed individuals and employable youths
d) Address the challenges of young marriages and drug abuse among the youth.
e) Minimise political violence spearheaded by the youth, through advocacy of democratic principles
f) Acquire practical experience in youth in development work;
g) Use their previous experience in the learning situation of youth affairs;
h) Act as positive advocates for young people in local and national forums;
i) Develop capacity to think positively and creatively and
j) Develop into cadres of youth professional workers

5.0 Target Group
The course targets the following groups:
• Persons already involved in youth work, working with government or NGOs at District levels, Government Ministries, Police and Prisons, Schools and Colleges and churches, etc.
• Graduates who would work like to get a Post Graduate Diploma and get involved in youth work.
• A level leavers and persons with equivalent qualifications willing to develop into professional youth workers
• Post ‘o’ level certificate holders willing to change professions and develop into professional youth workers
• Persons who successfully passed Mature age examinations and would like to participate in the youth in Development work course

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