Academic Departments


The Departments that makeup the School of Distance and Lifelong Learning

The Department of Adult and Community Education mainly conducts professional training in adult and community education. It originally offered the Diploma in Adult Education, which was phased out and replaced by the three-year Bachelor of Adult and Community Education (BACE) programme.  The programme is run both as a full-time day and evening programme.  In addition, the Department now runs a Masters in Adult and Community Education (MACE).

The Department of Open and Distance Learning on the other hand conducts External Programmes (EP). Since 1991 it has been running the Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) and the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) programmes.  In 2001 the Bachelor of Science (External) and Commonwealth Diploma in youth in Development Work (CYP). (External) were introduced.  The main target for these programmes is working people who would like to acquire higher qualifications without leaving their work place. With the exception of B.Ed, which only admits teachers with Diploma certificates, the other programmes also admit ‘A’ Level leavers. These External Programmes have grown to a total population of nearly 6,500 from 246 admitted when the programme was first launched in 1991. The Department seeks to exploit the full spectrum of distance education which includes: Open Distance and e Learning (ODeL).